This is the story of a dream that came true, the one of Mattia and Francesca, born and raised in the North of Italy and than married and settled in Tuscany following their passion for wine and hospitality, but it is also the story of a baton picked up from a visionary engineer that after a life of travels and adventures fell in love with these sweet hills and decided to found here a wine farm.

La Quercia was indeed founded in the Seventies by Guglielmo Ortolani, an eclectic personality of Italian high society of the time, war hero and then civil engineer, who built on this very hilltop, toghether with his wife Lisetta, only driven by passion, an ambitious farm and winery, among the first to be able to produce the prestigious label of the Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG.

For years La Quercia produced high quality wines, collecting awards in many wine exhibitions all around Italy. But no one seems to follow the path paved by the hard work of Lisetta and Guglielmo, so that the future of the estate seems to be abandonment and oblivion…
And it is here that destiny chose to deliver this precious past to a young couple that for years has been dreaming about opening a family business in which combine their passions and skills.

Mattia is an oenologist, and he has always wanted to make wine in Tuscany, Francesca has instead a background in classics and greek history (this kinda explains the bizarre names of the rooms!).

After years of hard work for both and experiences around the world, Francesca finds her true dimension in the world of tourism and hospitality.

The cherry on top of it all is of course their common love for wine and for Tuscany: this is how in their minds and hearts the image begins to form of a family business in which the passions of both could blossom together.
After a number of searches, the villa La Quercia, towering on the hilltop and surrounded by beautiful vineyeards and olive trees, looks as if someone took a page out of the book of their imagination!

The dream can really come true thanks to the support of family and of special people that decided to believe in this project.
Podere La Quercia is the result of this journey, a place where respect for tradition and heritage from the past meet with the desire to create something new, relying on the core concepts of organic production, sustainability, authenticity and quality.

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